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All correspondence via mail (mail payments, inquiries, etc) should be directed to:

County Savings Bank
10 Powhattan Avenue
Essington, PA 19029
Phone: (610) 521-1080
Fax: (610) 521-5771


County Savings Bank
201 Milmont Avenue
Milmont Park, PA 19033
Phone: (610) 532-2034
Fax: (610) 532-5345


Lost or stolen Cards

If you believe that your Debit Card or your ATM card has been lost or stolen, it is important that you immediately notify County Savings Bank (if it occurs during our business hours) or both Fiserv EFT Client Services and County Savings Bank (if during our non-business hours) as soon as you realize your card is missing. The following lists the steps necessary to cancel your card:

During Business Hours

Call County Savings Bank direct at 610-521-1080 and report the lost or stolen card to an employee.

During Non-Business Hours

Call 1-800-554-8969 to notify Fiserv EFT Client Services that your card is lost or stolen. They will take your information and cancel your card. Email us at or use the form below informing us that your card is lost or stolen and that you have notified Fiserv EFT. Please let us know if you wish to order a replacement card.


For your protection, County Savings Bank restricts the use of its customer's debit cards outside of the United States.  Whether you are traveling abroad or trying to make a purchase outside of the United States you need to notify County Savings of your intent.  Contact us with your request and we will be happy to enable use of your card for a purchase or a specified period of time once you provide us with the details.  If traveling abroad please complete our tranblocker exemption form and submit to  Please provide 48 business hours to activate your card outside of the U.S.


If you prefer, you can e-mail us using the form below. 
NOTE: E-mail is not a secure method of communications. Please do not send sensitive information via e-mail such as account number or social security number.

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